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Dr Sarojini Nair is a widely recognised female surgeon, and one of Australia’s leading cosmetic surgery specialists. After her general practice stint and managing a busy medical centre for five years as its Medical Director, she turned her focus to cosmetic medicine. Dr Nair has been recognised by The “College of Cosmetic Surgery” as the first woman surgeon to do Liposuction in Australia.

Dr Nair now runs the Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney, one of Australia’s leading cosmetic clinics. A specialist cosmetic surgery, Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery delivers treatments including liposcultpure, vein treatment and facial rejuvenation.

Dr Sarojini Nair

Since 1992, Dr Nair has undertaken rigorous training in many aspects of cosmetic medicine, much of which has been under the supervision of eminent overseas experts including Dr Jeffrey Klein, the American surgeon who pioneered tumescent liposculpture.

In 1993, Dr Nair became a member of the International Academy of Phlebology in Paris, and, in 1997, a member of the American Society of Liposuction Surgery. With 13 years experience in the field of liposculpture, Dr Nair is one of Sydney’s leading female liposculpture surgeons, having performed thousands of procedures for both men and women. Dr Nair is a member of The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) and has assisted and contributed in workshops held recently at the practice. Enthusiastic about many of the diverse aspects of the industry, she makes sure to keep herself informed about all the latest developments in liposculpture around the world and has actively participated in numerous workshops and conferences in the US and Europe. Renowned for the “hands-on” approach she takes, Dr Nair is also well known for a variety of other cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, injectables for frown lines and wrinkles, face and leg vein injections, and, more lately, mesotherapy and non-surgical face lifts with contour threads. Dr Nair is listed as an accredited Sculptra Injector with the Department of Health Services. It is a commitment to the HIV Community to treat severe facial lipoatrophy. All patients must be referred by their s100 HIV specialist physician. Only accredited injectors can administer the product Having the unique quality of understanding the female psyche, Dr Nair is able to relate to her patients’ needs, both as a woman and as a doctor. *The results her patients have obtained have made her just as popular to our male clientele. With her meticulous nature and consummate ability to adapt to her patients’ needs, Dr Nair achieves very effective and highly aesthetic results. Talk to Dr Nair at Ashbrooke Specialist Cosmetic Surgery to assist your issues. Contact the clinic today or call on (04) 0597 1063.

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