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Anti Wrinkle Injections

The New-Generation Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Sydney

Are you fed up with deep wrinkles which have taken up residence on your face?

A new-generation anti wrinkle treatment can help to ease out these wrinkles, restoring smoother skin and a more refreshed expression.

Vaser Lipo Selection involves a simple injection into the facial muscles, and the effect is transformative.

*It’s tolerable and effective. Enjoy your wrinkle-free results for up to four months from the first injection, while subsequent anti wrinkle injections may give even longer-lasting results.

Dynamic and static wrinkles

Faces get a strenuous workout during the average lifetime, as emotions are given direct expression on and through the face.

This is where we register our joy, pain, excitement and anxiety – through physical expressions which form wrinkles.

When we are young, these dynamic wrinkles quickly drop out when our face is still, restoring a smooth visage.

Eye wrinkles formed when we smile, and vertical lines between our eyebrows when we frown, just disappear in young, springy skin.

As we get older, we notice these dynamic wrinkles turning into static wrinkles and folds – remaining on our face even when we are resting, and growing deeper with every birthday.

How wrinkles form

There are several factors at play in the formation of facial wrinkles, with three vital skin substances decreasing with age:

  • Collagen, the skin’s most significant structural protein.
  • Elastin, the protein giving facial tissue its stretch.
  • Hyaluronic acid, the principal substance adding volume to the skin.

The skin on our faces also takes a hit from a range of environmental and lifestyle factors:

  • Over-exposure to the harsh Australian sun.
  • Smoking, drinking and poor dietary choices.
  • The stresses of everyday life.

How wrinkles can be treated with Vaser Lipo

Ashbrooke’s Vaser Lipo Selection treatment is administered as an injection into the facial muscles.

Vaser Lipo Selection allows us to remove fat from unwanted areas and then using a simple technique, A Nano Fat transfer is injected into the facial muscles, with an incredibly transformative effect.

Dr Sarojini Nair will advise on the specific muscles and dosage which will give optimal results.

*Following your injection, results should be noticeable within two or three days, with maximum effect seen in around seven days.

*This should last up to four months, with lines then gradually starting to return.

*Talk to Dr Nair about repeat treatments, however, as the effect may last for longer intervals with subsequent injections.

*The examples, predictions, and results offered on this website may vary from person to person. Results take time and may vary considerably depending on each individual.

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