Butt Augmentation

Get the perfect butt with a Butt Lift in Sydney.

Women who want a bigger, shapelier butt can spend hours in the gym busting their booty, just to see minimal results in the appearance of their peach.

If you have done more lunges and squats than you can count but aren’t seeing the desired result, Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery can help you achieve your goals with a Butt Lift

What is a Butt Lift

The procedure involves removing the patient’s own fat using VASER Lipo from one area of their body and injecting the fat into the buttocks to enhance that area.

For example, patients can choose to remove fat from areas such as their stomach, thighs or back, with the fat then purified and transferred into their buttocks

A butt lift or butt augmentation is different from high-risk butt implants, also known as ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ or gluteal implants, where silicone implants that are oval or round in shape are placed to add volume. Due to the risk of this procedure, Dr. Nair will not perform butt augmentations using silicone implants.

For more information about our Butt Lift procedure, please contact our friendly team who will be able to give you additional information.

Benefits of a Butt Lift

Having a Butt Lift is a great way to add volume to your bottom while giving it more shape and roundness.

The procedure is also far less invasive than silicone implants, resulting in less downtime and less scarring than getting implants.

A butt lift is also beneficial for those looking to smooth out their figure, because liposuction is required to undertake a fat transfer can help to eliminate those lumps and bumps, as well as love handles, giving you shape to your waist and resulting in a more hourglass figure.

Who can have a Butt Lift?

Due to the nature of skin tissue and fat transfer required, the procedure is simpler for females, but is still possible for males.

A Butt Lift may be suitable for people who have had dramatic weight loss and have lost the firm, toned look in their buttocks.

The procedure may also work for women who naturally have a flat or small butt and are looking for that extra roundness or volume.

To have the procedure, our team will look at factors such as

  • Are you a smoker or non-smoker?
  • Are in good physical health?
  • Do you have enough fat for liposuction?
  • Can you avoid sitting for long periods for up to two weeks post-procedure?

In Combination with Liposuction

Many clients love the Brazilian Butt Lift because of the liposuction component; allowing them to tackle two problem areas with one procedure.

Additional liposuction can be used around the area to improve the shape and sculpt the buttocks; it is also used on the hips and abdominal area to improve your overall silhouette.

Butt Lift with Dr. Nair in Sydney

Having a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Nair at Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery is more than just an aesthetic procedure for some; a butt lift can boost your confidence and help you to achieve the goals you’ve worked hard for with minimal downtime.

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