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Male clientele can also take advantage of all the services we offer at our clinic, including Botox and dermal fillers. With men becoming ever more conscious of their appearances, our beauty treatments are both suitable for, and of great benefit to, male patients seeking to improve the way they look. Two especially popular procedures for men are liposculpture and hair transplants.


Liposculpture is gaining favour amongst men who have problem fat deposits in the following areas: breasts, love handles, abdomens and chins. Whilst these regions are the most requested areas for improvement in men, liposculpture is appropriate for almost any area of the body where fat deposits have built up.


Male Breasts respond particularly well to liposculpture. No surgery or general anaesthetics are necessary, and scars are almost invisible as no stitches are required. It is possible to have the procedure performed on a Friday and be back at work on Monday. The skin will not sag in the majority of cases.

Love Handles

Love handles respond especially well also, no matter how big they are. They are best done together with the abdomen but can also be done on their own.


Abdomens in men do not always respond well to liposculpture as there are some patients in which abdominal fat is actually situated inside the abdomen and around the organs; there is also another group of men where the appearance of the bulge is due to overstretched abdominal muscles. However, in the remaining cases where a large volume of subcutaneous fat exists, liposculpture is an excellent way to reduce the bulge and reshape the body. This is where a face-to-face consultation is necessary. At The Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery, the initial consultation is free and we will be able to tell you whether or not you will be a candidate for achieving a good result. We are not afraid to say no to you if the procedure is not appropriate.


Chins respond very well to liposculpture and can take years off your face, making you look younger within a matter of days. Bruising generally lasts only five to six days and scarring is hardly visible.

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