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Hair Loss

Cosmetic Hair Transplants: Don’t Suffer In Silence

Hair loss can cause immense anxiety and suffering for both men and women, who are often embarrassed to talk about it.

That’s why Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery is delighted to offer highly effective cosmetic hair transplants in Sydney, which address and solve this all-too-common problem.

Firstly, however, we will talk you through the whole range of available hair treatments, to see if we can find a topical solution which suits you.

Although cosmetic hair transplants are often the most effective solution, at Ashbrooke, we never advocate unnecessary procedures or move ahead without checking all possible options.

Non-surgical treatments

While surgical hair transplantation is regarded as the most successful and long-lasting of all hair treatments, other avenues include:

  • Minoxidill: A liquid solution which is applied to the scalp in order to stimulate hair growth.
  • Propecia: An oral medication which has been shown to reduce loss of hair and stimulate hair growth. Be aware, however, that propecia must be taken continuously in order to be effective.
  • Traditional hair pieces: Not always giving a totally natural appearance, hair pieces should be replaced on a six-monthly basis and tend to be expensive.
  • Herbal shampoos and tonics: While there are plenty on the market making grand claims, be sure to choose one which is scientifically proven to work.

The enormous possibilities of micrografting

Many people come to Ashbrooke having tried a variety of solutions – yet none have done the job.

The sophistication of micrografting techniques now offers natural, enduring hair replacement with no ‘half-finished’ stages in the middle.

Micrografts can be taken as a single treatment, or in multiple hair clusters which seamlessly blend in with your existing hair. This renders the micrografts practically invisible – understandable when you consider that the follicles are tinier than a rice grain, measuring around 0.5mm to 1mm across.

  • Grafts per treatment: Depending on the density required, a single treatment can vary from 500 micrografts up to 2,000 grafts. More major transplantation, up to 4,000 grafts, will require a program of hair restoration involving two or more treatments.
  • Stand-alone procedures: Micrografting has done away with the old, annoying problem of ‘half-done’ hair treatments. Each and every treatment will leave the patient with natural-looking hair, building to a comprehensive hair-loss solution.
  • Combined medical and surgical solutions: These can work in conjunction to achieve the most satisfying result.

If you’re suffering from hair loss, don’t suffer in silence. Talk to us about your options, and how we can help. Offering the best hair transplants in Sydney, come to Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery.

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