Is Liposuction in Men Different from Women?

Is Liposuction in Men Different from Women?

If you’ve been working out or dieting and just can’t seem to shift some final soft areas, or if you’re struggling with extra weight around your lower face and chin, you may well have considered liposuction as an option. Our male clients show interest in the method just as often as our female clients and for good reason; liposuction can be highly effective in removing fat that just won’t budge otherwise. However, is the process different for men than it is for women?

What are the common areas for male liposuction?

Women will often accumulate stubborn fat around their love handles, stomach, thighs, hips, arms and abdomen. Men tend not to have the same problems on their arms and legs – rather, fat deposits tend to accumulate in their torso, chest and lower back areas. The following are the most common areas we target with male liposuction in Sydney:

The abdomen

For males, that last bit of abdominal fat can often be the final barrier to a washboard stomach. In some cases, the bulge is caused by overstretched abdominal muscles which cannot be targeted by liposuction. Male clients typically have two areas of fat in the abdomen: fat that lies in and around the organs, which is best addressed through exercise or diet, and subcutaneous, which can be addressed by liposuction. This outer layer of fat usually responds very well to Vaser Lipo.

The chest

Bulging ‘man boobs’ can often cause embarrassment and stop males from enjoying a day at the beach or swimming pool. The good news is that the male breast area often responds very well to liposuction and results can be retained for many years as long as weight is maintained.

The lower back

Sick of feeling like you have a spare tyre? The love handles are one of the most common liposuction areas for both men and women, and the process can be highly effective in these areas. Smooth out the lower back rolls, and shirts and pants will tend to fit and look much better.

The chin

If you’re feeling bothered by a double chin or have jowels that drag the appearance of your face downwards, expertly-applied Vaser Lipo can carefully reshape these areas for a younger look. The process can be quick, effective and offer a fast recovery time.

As with women, men often choose to target multiple areas at once to streamline and define their torso.

The difference between male and female fat deposits

There can actually be a slight difference in fatty areas for male and female clients. While most females’ fatty deposits tend to be soft and relatively easy to remove, males’ fat deposits can occasionally be more fibrous and resistant to liposuction. The ultrasonic effect of Vaser Lipo can help in softening and loosening these areas for a smoother and more refined appearance.

You can learn more about male liposuction in Sydney by visiting our dedicated page, or by scheduling a free initial consultation with our experienced liposculpture practitioner.

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