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Post Surgical Therapy

How does it work?

Wilna Carvalho Aesthetician

Wilna Carvalho Aesthetician

The ultrasonic post-operation massage works to dramatically speed up the process of lymphatic drainage. In other words, it helps to drain out ALL of the fluids through the lymphatic nodes (urine systems) The ultrasonic machine transmits sound wave energy to injured tissue. The pressure waves pass through the skin and fat to impact on fibrous tissue.

This pressure breaks up the collagen that results in a thickened dermis, which helps to reduce and break down the appearance of fat (or the “lumps” that appear after surgery). It is the transmission of energy travelling at a very high frequency which causes a physiological effect. The sound waves travel at different speeds and have different effects depending on which tissue they encounter.

The healing outcomes are owed to two effects: heat generation in damaged tissue, and acoustic streaming. These maximise the body’s healthy inflammatory response and the body’s development of scar tissue. The inflammatory response is the body’s way of healing, and ultrasound therapy can improve the body’s efficiency of this process.

The Procedure

A gel is applied on the surface of the skin covering the area to be treated. This serves as a dual role: it allows the device to move smoothly over the skin without causing any discomfort, but more importantly it prevents air coming between the apparatus and the skin. A tight connection maximises the transmission of the sound waves. *We recommend approximately 6 treatments which last about 45 minutes, however this can vary according to the extent of your surgery. It creates a much smoother surface on the skin and helps with pain relief, an essential post-surgery procedure.


  • Alleviates fibrous tissues enhancing a smooth result
  • Clears toxins and wastes
  • Reduces swelling
  • Reduces infection Reduces pain and spasm
  • Speeds recovery
  • Speeds the healing process of localized bruising
  • Removes medication

How Much does it cost?

Post-surgery, The Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery offers its patients:

  • Package of 6 treatments for $450.00 or
  • $90 per treatment.

Modalities Used

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Very light pressure stimulates the lymphatic system to increase circulation, assist removal of wastes, reduces swelling, and assists in recovery.

Ultrasound Stimulus
A non-invasive and very safe administration of sound waves to provide mild heat to increase circulation, break down scar tissue and promote healing. *Five to fifteen minutes may be used on fibrous or hardening areas following liposuction, or to diminish scar tissue.

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*The examples, predictions, and results offered on this website may vary from person to person. Results take time and may vary considerably depending on each individual.

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