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Silhouette Soft Threads

The ageing process begins to be visible during the thirties; the connective tissue thins and collagen and elastic fibres break down. Along with sagging of the tissue, folds and deep wrinkles start appearing, meaning an inner change to the skin support structure.

  • Immediate natural lifting effect
  • Progressive restoration of lost collagen
  • Entirely re-absorbable component
  • 30-minute procedure
  • No incision
  • More than 12 months long lasting effect
  • Tailor made treatment for flabbiness in various areas

Unique and patented threads, each with specially designed CONES, which gently move sagging tissues up and then suspend them through a special technique allowing the doctor to realise a relaxed and fresh but natural appearance.

After a local anaesthetic is administered, SILHOUETTE SOFT sutures are introduced with a thin needle. The procedure is over in 30 minutes and you will be able to get back to your social life quickly.

28 years of experience

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